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Refrigerated Extractor/Dryers™ - CFM Series
Product Code:  LMN 15, 25, 35, 50, 75SCFM
Brand Name:    La-Man


The Refrigerated Extrator/Dryer™ uses refrigeration to condense water and oil vapors into the form of liquid aerosols before the contaminated air flows through the Extractor/Dryer™. The condensed liquid contaminates are then completely removed by our patented Extractor/Dryer™ and continuously drained away, assuring clean, dry compressed air.



  • Lighted Power On/Off Switch
  • Refrigeration Circuit Failure Warning Indicator
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant (no CFCs)
  • Inlet Pressure Range = 20 psig to 175 psig (1.5 to 12 bar)
  • Normal Pressure Loss (through clean unit) = 5 psig
  • Electric Requirement: 115vac/60 cyc/1ph


  • Features

    1. The Extractor/Dryer™ removes over 99% of the condensed liquids continuously, thus ensuring a constant dew point.
    2. The compressed air contacts only non-corrosive materials, which makes the air suitable for high purity applicants.
    3. It's housed in a non-corrosive plastic cabinet that is mounted on a stainless base, which occupies a minimum floor space.

    Comparing the La-Man Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer™
    Don't get caught up in comparing heat exchanger designs and "cold-point" temperatures, which are frequently claimed to be the real dew point performance of a dryer. A conventional refrigerated air dryer uses a mechanical cyclone separator to remove the condensed liquid and aerosol particles. While such a device may often be the least costly choice, it contains no filtration capability and has poor separation efficiency when separated at any other flow other than its designed flow.

    The La-Man Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer™, with its patented multi-stage extraction process is not flow-sensitive, thus continuously eliminates over 99% of the condensed liquid and aerosols under all flow conditions. The reheated exiting air is therefore truly dried to a consistent dew point no matter how much the compressed air consumption rate might vary. The outlet dew point of our unit will always be less than 40ºF at line pressure.