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SP-2 Solder Paste - Wetting Tester
Product Code:  SP-2
Brand Name:    Malcom


The Malcom SP-2 Wetting Tester helps to test the wettability of solder paste and components while actually simulating the SMT mounting and reflow process. The SP-2 simulates the actual temperature that solder paste undergoes during preheat and reflow, letting you easily identify any deficiencies in flux activity or components wettability. Measurement of the solder paste wettability, components wettability, printed board wettability, wettability on temperature rise, and wettability on preheating time. By actual simulation of the SMT mounting and reflow process with standard variable, it is possible to develop an accurate, repeatable evaluation method to determine a solder paste's solderability.



Sensor Technology Electro-balance
Sensor Limits -5.00 gf - +10.00 gf
Sensor accuracy +/- 0.01 gf for 1 gf range
+/- 0.05 gf for 10 gf range
Heater range Room temperature - 300 degrees C
Heater atmosphere Room air or N2 purge
Parameters displayed Load, depth, and temperature
Temperature profile settings Preheat rate: high, med., low
Preheat temp: 0 - 300 C
Preheat time: 0 - 300 sec
Ramp-up speed: 0 - 4.0 C/sec
Melting point: 0 - 300 C
Other presets Range select: 1gf or 10 gf
Table speed: fast, med., slow
Output Digital: RS-232C
Power 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 650 W
Accessories Manual printer with SUS mask
Copper substrates and tubes
SMT component adapter
Cooling Fan
SPIN-2 data analysis software
Option Meniscograph adapter set



  • Tests wettability of solder paste, component lead, and PCB substrate landings.
  • Ultra-sensitive detection of the most minute forces.
  • Digital displays show load, depth, and temperature.
  • Built-in heater's programmable thermoprofile is similar to that of actual reflow oven.
  • Built-in heater can also be adjusted to find the optimum reflow profile for maximum wetting of a given solder paste.
  • Allows measurement of miniature-sized components.
  • The system can also be used for testing the wettability of not only solder paste, but also components and PCB substrate pads.
  • The system software allows the user to compare up to six wetting curves at a time.