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Soldering Iron Spare Parts - Sensor J & K Type
Product Code:  BNK Spare Parts
Brand Name:    Bonkote

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Sensor J type
No. Parts name Model No.
TB-140JA TB-140JB
1 Iron tip BJ5 BJ6/XBJ6
2 Hold bolt CNJ5 CNJ6
3 Sensor coil JSC-01
4 Tip holder TH-01
5 Earth pipe EPJ-1 EPJ-2
6 Terminal cover assy TCV-5
7 Heater element JCE-100-40
8 Relay sensor CSW-01
9 Grip case MK-60
10 Set bolt PSB-44

No. Parts name Model No.
TB-155(255)JA TB-155(255)JB TB-195(295)J
1 Iron tip BJ7 BJ8 · XBJ6 BJ11 · XBJ11
2 Grip case A JK-61A JK-70
3 Hold pipe KTP-7 KTP-11
4 Sensor coil JSC-02 JSC-03
5 Terminal cover assy TCV-7 TCV-11
6 Heater element AC100V JCE-100-55 JCE-100-95
AC200V JCE-220-55 JCE-220-95
7 Relay sensor CSW-02 CSW-03
8 Main socket assy —
9 Set bolt PB-4
10 Cable bush —
11 Radiator pipe (small) —
12 Insulation pipe —
13 O-ring (small) —
14 O-ring (large) —

Sensor K type
No. Parts name Model No.
TB-118 TB-150 (240) TB-150 (240) KM TB-165 (265) TB-1100 (2100)
1 Cover nut CN-5 CN-7, CN-8, CN-10 CN-7 CN-10 Integrated with the iron tip
2 Iron BN5 BN7, BN8, BN10 BN7-KM BNP-10 BN12
3 Radiator nut NA-42 NA-50 NA-30
4 Earth collar — EC-10 EC-120 ECS-5
5 Heater element KPCE-100-18 CE-100-50-(220-40) FCE-100-65 (220-65) CE-100-100 (220-100)
6 Connector RC-113 RC-111 RC-108
7 Sensor socket —
8 Relay cable —
9 Grip cover MK-51K
(No.9 and No.10 are sold together)
GK-72K (No.9 and No.10 are sold together) BSK-201 (Screws and nuts are sold together)
10 Grip case
11 Set bolt PB-3 PB-4 —