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Pneumatic/Pneuguard® - SPG Series
Product Code:  LMN SPG 100, 103, 201, 903
Brand Name:    La-Man


The La-Man® Pneumatic/Dryer is designed to trap moisture and contaminants before the air reaches the tool, equipment, or application. Installed within 6 feet of the end use, this permanent brass housing with our replaceable filter cartridge will clean and dry air down to 5 microns. The SPG Pneumatic/Dryer is the perfect supplement to your compressed air application. To maintain efficiency, filter cartridge should be replaced every 30 days.

The SPG 201 Pneuguard® Oiler keeps air-operated equipment and tools in peak condition by providing a continuous fine mist of lubrication. This ingenious lubricant reservoir mounts in a compressed air line or hose and is designed to work in any position. The clear Lexan housing allows the user to observe when the level of oil is low. A simple allen screw adjustment in the exhaust cap permits precise control of the flow of oil for proper lubrication.

The SPG 903 Dryer/Pneuguard® Oiler combines benefits of our Pneumatic/Pneuguard® and the fine mist lubrication of the SPG 201. Mounted in the airline just ahead of your air tools, this single devise cleans and dries the air to 5 micron and then delivers a precise adjustable flow of lubricant to the tool. This unit comes with a durable permanent aluminum and Lexan housing. A flow sensor prevents any lubricant from flowing when the air tool is not in use. Replace filter cartridge every 30 days.



Model SPG 100 SPG 103
NPT 1/4" 3/8"
Max Working Pressure 250 PSI
Length 4 3/4"
Weight 6 oz
Air Flow 18 SCFM
Micron Rating 5
Housing Material Brass
Replacement Cartridge SPG 102

Pneuguard® Oiler
Model SPG 201 SPG 903
Port Size 1/4" NPT Female 1/4" NPT Female
Max PSI 150 PSI
Flow Capacity 20 SCFM 10 SCFM
Length/Weight 2.75" / 5 oz. 6.5" / 7 oz.
Oil Capacity 1 oz.
Filter Cartridge N/A SPG 102