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SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer - MD & AMD Series
Product Code:  LMN AMD-035, MD-15, 35, 50, 80
Brand Name:    La-Man


The membrane alters the dew point of the air by diffusing the water vapor into the surrounding atmosphere. It doesn't deplete any oxygen from the compressed air stream.

Capable of generating pressure dew points between +40°F and -40°F, these units connect in-line and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Ideal for use in food and beverage processing, medical or pharmaceutical labs and microchip production.

There are no moving parts, no electrical power required, no maintenance and the membrane will last indefinitely if properly protected with an Extractor/Dryer® and SuperStar™ 0.3 µm Filter.

1. The Extractor/Dryer® captures particles down to 5µm (micron) and removes over 96% of the condensed liquids. And it can be equipped with an optional Safety Lock-out Valve and an Electronic Drain or Float Drain.
2. The SuperStar® or 0.3µm filter removes any remaining particles larger than 0.3µm, the membrane from harm. And it also includes an internal float drain.
3. The SuperStar® Membrane continuously removes the water vapor, which is then vented harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere.
4. An SAR Regulator precisely controls and displays the discharge pressure.

  • Pores are controlled to Angstrom range, which is 0.0001 µm (micron).
  • (Molecular separation is possible) Membrane is formed as a Hollow Fiber.
  • (Tube shape helps retain pressure) Oxygen molecules diffuse through the pores.
  • (Smaller than the other gases in air) Nitrogen molecules are now concentrated.
  • (Traces of other gases also remain) Water Vapor diffuses with the Oxygen

    How this Original Membrane also Diffuses H2O
    Note: The air must be clean and free of liquid contaminants or the hollow fibers can become blocked and fail to function.

    The Scientific Principle
    The scientific principle behind membrane drying is simple. Saturated compressed air has a greater partial vapor pressure than that of the less saturated atmospheric air.

    Water molecules will naturally seek to diffuse into the atmospheric air with lower partial vapor pressure. The diffusion rate is determined by the pore structure of the membrane skin. This pore structure also determines the compressed air (O2) leak rate, as it also escapes.

    The volume of air (O2) and water that can escape through one hollow fiber (tube) is fixed no matter how much total flow passes through the fiber.

    Therefore, placing more fibers into a large bundle and passing the saturated air through at low flow rates produces compressed air with very little residual water content (i.e. very dry air). Conversely, passing higher flow rates through smaller bundles of fibers leaves more residual water in the compressed air. The limiting factor usually becomes the pressure loss allowable.

    Point of use flow rates guaranteed dew points ultra-clean & dry air
  • If +40°F dew point is needed, the MD15 handles 20 SCFM, the MD35 makes 45 SCFM, the MD50 handles 60 SCFM & the MD80 can provide 100 SCFM.
  • If +20°F is desired, each model handles a flow rate equal to its model number (i.e. MD15 makes 15 SCFM).
  • If 0°F is required, the MD15 handles 12 SCFM, the MD35 makes 30 SCFM, the MD50 handles 40 SCFM, while the MD80 can supply 65 SCFM.
  • If only Ultra-Dry -40°F air is required, the MD15 can make 5 SCFM, the MD35 can make 15 SCFM, the MD50 can make 25 SCFM, while the MD80 will handle 40 SCFM


  • Specification

    AMD SuperStar™ Membrane Series - 20 degree dew point suppression
    Model NPT SCFM MAX PSI Service Kits
    AMD-035 1/2" 35 150 SAM035SK
    Complete with: Extractor/Dryer with Float Drain & .01 Micron Filter Pre-filtration System

    Other La-Man SuperStar™ Membranes - minus 40 degree dew point suppression
    Model NPT SCFM MAX PSI Service Kits
    MD-15LS 1/4" 15 150 050SK SAM350-E
    MD-35LS 1/2" 35 150 080SK SAM350-E
    MD-50LS 3/4" 50 150 080SK SAM350-E
    MD-80LS 1" 80 150 080SK SAM350-E

    • Paint Spray Booths
    • Furniture Finishing
    • Food Processing
    • Electrical Assembly
    • Laboratory Air
    • Powder Coating
    • Coordinate Measuring Machines
    • Clean Rooms